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For those of you who don’t know about this site, score88poker is one of the biggest online poker sites in Indonesia. This site already has millions of customers spread throughout the archipelago. With a variety of advantages, as well as many advantages offered do not be surprised if this site lasts long and is growing rapidly. Therefore, if you really want to get a safe and trusted online poker site, this site can be the right recommendation for you.

Increasingly online poker players in Indonesia continue to experience an increase in numbers. This causes the site manager to rack his brain so that the site he owns is still in demand by customers. As the best poker site in Indonesia, score88poker also offers many advantages to be ready to compete with other situs poker online. What are these advantages? Check out the following reviews to get the complete information. Check it out!

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Application Features on Smartphones

The world of online poker has always presented new features to attract the interests of its customers. One of the cool features offered by score88poker is the application features that can be downloaded via the smartphone you have. With this feature, you can play poker easily anywhere and anytime for 24 non-stop. Of course it is very easy for those of you who want to get innovation when playing online poker. How to download it is also easy, you just have to go into the official website, do the registration, then download the application by pressing the “download” column.

Big bonus

It is undeniable if the bonus is an attraction for everyone. Including customers on online poker sites, they also definitely want to get bonuses to increase capital while playing. score88poker offers a large bonus for you if you register as a member. These bonuses come in various forms, namely new member bonuses, referral bonuses, weekly cashback, and the biggest is the jackpot. Unmitigated, this site offers jackpot bonuses in nominal terms reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Elegant appearance

On various poker sites on the internet, of course you will find an attractive appearance on the homepage of their website. Unusually offered by score88poker, this iris uses an elegant appearance to attract the attention of its site visitors. Elegant here means not too excessive and not too plain. With a display like this, of course your eyes will feel comfortable when visiting the website to simply search for information or register.

Robot free

Based on my observations, robots often appear on ordinary agen poker indonesia. This robot is designed to win every game and make lots of profit. As poker players, whether beginners or professionals, we certainly do not want to go bankrupt because of the robots in the game. Therefore, the 8888 poker score maximizes the level of security in a game that can analyze the presence of a robot. With this technology, we no longer need to be afraid of experiencing successive defeats caused by robots.