bandar poker

freshhiphop.netFinding Free Poker Games. Many poker sites, especially when advertised on television, offer the possibility of “free” poker games. What does this mean? Can you play for real money without putting yours? Is there real money? There are options on these sites of this type, but this is not what they mean when they say that your site is free.

What they mean is that the download of your software or the subscription fees are charged for the game on your website. With the competition for online players, there is no reason why you should pay to play online, and I do not know which is the reputable online poker site that charges in this way.

bandar poker

So, how do these sites make money? They make money by charging something called a rake.

A rake is a percentage of each bank that a merchant pays to a house as payment to secure a game. This rake is usually about 10 percent of the size of the boat and is usually limited to $ 4. Thus, online casinos also earn money in poker games. Some live casinos charge “time” instead, which is a fixed amount that a casino representative charges every half hour, but the rake method is much more common.

In a tournament in which all the chips must remain in the game and no rake can be made, the casino adds an entry fee to the tournament, so, for example, a one-table tournament may charge $ 100 + $ 9, in addition, $ 100 for each player that enters the prize pool will be redistributed to the winners and $ 9 for each player that enters the house.

How can you play a really “free” poker game and all the money is returned to the players? Play a game at home. In most states, the participation of an organizer of poker games at home is prohibited to benefit from this game. In addition, you are probably playing with friends who will probably earn your money honestly and directly.

What about the “free” game, since without money, all hands are changed?

Most online sites offer “fictitious money” where you can get used to your site without putting yourself at risk. The game’s money tables are clearly different from real money in the game menu. These tables are a good opportunity for you to become familiar with the software. However, you can hardly accurately assess your Bandar poker skills in these games. With no real money on the line, many players see these fictitious money games as a bingo game, and they keep putting chips in the bank and hoping for the best.