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freshhiphop.netBest Ways to Win Online Small Stakes and Freeroll Free Poker Tournaments. To earn small bet and freeroll wins, you must adopt a certain strategy. This is due to the fact that the blind structure and the behavior of the competitors that it receives are different from the online tournaments with high entrance fees.

Blind structure

Blinds are growing rapidly in most online poker tournaments, and this is especially true for freerolls. Because of this, you should always keep in mind your stack of chips in relation to the blinds.

If your total chips fall below the big blind ten times, you should look for opportunities to move. In general, there should be no tactics that get discouraged in small bets and freeroll tournaments, if this is done at the right time.

agen poker

It is perfectly normal to drag all your chips into the middle when you are falling behind the chips and have a strong initial combination. Ace is definitely worth the race.

You can also think about pressing any pair if nobody has entered the bank yet. This is due to the concept of the first: in force; more people will be inclined to withdraw the cards when they have not invested anything in the bank.

An exception to this advice on how to work with a blind structure is when you play in agen poker with a deep stack, where you get a significant amount of chips to start. If you have many chips, you should feel more comfortable waiting for the stronger starting hands to start playing.

Blinds will grow quickly, but it will take a lot longer to eat a large part of your stack. You can not fall up to ten times the big blind in the deepest tournament.


Furious lanterns have their place in online poker, but this does not apply to small bets and freerolls in free poker tournaments.

Bluff simply does not work. You must be ready to open by the river. This does not mean you should not bluff. You should, but your cards and the blind structure should dictate how you play for the most part.

Sometimes there are opportunities to bluff. For example, if everyone checks you on the flop, and you are the last, you can pick up a small pot by placing a bet. However, if one or more players call you, you should play on the corner and the river more carefully.

It is also difficult to find real clues, see specific players, if you have not encountered some of them before in cash games or in previous poker tournaments. However, even with the use of this prior knowledge, it is very difficult to find real clues for the player.